Who We Are

JAH Works Farm is a simple story. We are a Rastafari family and we hail up His Majesty the 1st Haile Selassie each and every day. Living a strict vegetarian diet, we do not eat any animal products at all. Nor do we grow our food with them. Our family only uses natural methods, fertilizers and pest management. Strictly Rastafari, every day.

We also provide the highest quality moringa trees, hot peppers and fresh heirloom eggplants to the local community of Asheville, NC, where we are currently producing on 1 1/2 acres and leasing space in town at a 3000 sq. foot greenhouse. Our main focus for the 2015 year will be yellow scotch bonnets, as well as chocolate habanero peppers.

For the past several years, it has been our focus to breed and grow out hot peppers. This year, we will be starting a large F1 hybrid of the two. So, hopefully in time, we can have something to truly call our own hot peppers!

Although we specialize in locally-grown organic produce, food isn’t our only passion.

In the year of 2009, a friend and I began building harps and other traditional instruments. This has proven to be a blessing for all Rastafari in our area, as they can now purchase a truly affordable (and authentic) harp.

As our business grows, we hope to provide more land to farm for our children, as well as the educational tools and resources that are needed to school our children.

We want – we need — to be self-sufficient. This is a big step that my family has taken to provide for ourselves and break free from Babylon system. We farm for ourselves, and make what extra we can to sell for the money needed to survive.

We are truly progressing in a positive way. Give thanks to JAH for this wonderful life, and thank you for the love and support.

JAH love, ever time!

Bobby de Gorter

Bobby de Gorter


Owner and operator Bobby de Gorter has been gardening all of his life.  Moving to the Asheville area in 2003, he and wife Natalie began gardening more extensively — building knowledge of organics and the environment they grow in.